5-Day LIVE Challenge July 22nd - 26th

Discover How So Many Introverts Are Making $16k+/Month In Peace With This New "Inside-Out" Business...

Without doing sales, social media, or self promotion


Hear What Introverts Like Yourself Have To Say About Profit In Peace™

74% Of introverts said they want the option to work REMOTE...

That's because most ambitious introverts struggle with:

  • Overthinking and procrastination

  • Fear of being seen, leading to self sabotage

  • Anxiety that they’re not enough

  • Self-doubt about starting a business

  • Feeling like they don’t “have what it takes

  • Being inconsistent with other business ideas because they don’t feel right to them

  • Exhausted by putting on fake smiles at work

Introducing the

The Profit In Peace™ Challenge is designed exclusively for ambitious introverts seeking a unique path to financial peace.

Using our new “inside-out” approach to online business, you will learn how to intercept attention so you don’t have to create it, develop timeless products that sell themselves, and build a peaceful business that gives you stability for the long-run.

All without the need for social media, content creation, or self-promotion.

In just 5 days you will completely transform your introversion into an unfair advantage with our Profit In Peace™ System


You will get 5 days of live training starting on July 22nd to discover:

How to find product ideas that sell themselves, so you don’t have to (even if you don’t have any product ideas right now)

How to get your product created hands-off so you don’t need to manage people

How to launch your product without making content for social media by copying the ‘bird-feeder effect’

Overcome procrastination and over-thinking with our proven ‘Buffalo Brain’ approach

How to start your business with just 1 hour a day so you can truly have peace in your life

Crush your anxiety by starting the business you were BORN to build, without changing who you are!

PLUS you will get access to our Private Community for bonus content and accountability... And Daily Action-Items for instant results (before Day 1 of the challenge even begins)!

"I just want to give a HUGE thanks to JT and the community for being such a welcoming and inviting place for people like myself..."

"I am big believer in taking paths that go with the flow of life as opposed to against it. I just know that this feeling is one I can't explain and is also one that is right. This challenge most definitely set that into stone"

- Aaliyah.

Your 5-Day Live Event Schedule

Starting From July 22nd - 26th 2024

7am PT | 8am MT | 9am CT | 10am ET

DAY #01 - JULY 22


  • How the inside-out system works and get a breakdown of every single thing you need to get started (time, skills, and materials)

  • How to run your business “hands off” so you don’t add more responsibilities to your already busy plate

  • The roadmap to replacing your income in the next 6 months with a business that works for you

DAY #02 - JULY 23

The Solo Startup

  • How going against conventional business advice is the easiest way for introverts to win

  • The stress free blueprint to starting a 1-person business

  • The process for creating products from the inside-out so you are guaranteed to make sales

DAY #03 -JULY 24

Stealthy Source & Launch

  • How to get your business seen by thousands while you stay in the shadows and enjoy complete privacy

  • How to run a global brand from comfort of your own home

  • How to feel confident as a business owner even if you have no experience

DAY #04 - JULY 25


  • How to build a brand that people will admire so you can truly retire in peace

  • How to leverage your new business so you can stop working and enjoy your life

  • How to finally overcome procrastination and indecision so you don’t leave this life full of regret

DAY #05 - JULY 26


  • How to setup your business to be recession-proof

  • The inside-out method for testing your ideas so you know how well they will sell

  • The extrovert tactics that you should avoid if you want to keep your profit and peace in the long term

And NEW Only For This July 2024 Challenge

You Also Get These

FREE Bonuses



Have you ever bought a course but didn't get results, or lost motivation halfway through? It's because of a natural reaction we call "Buffalo Brain". This training series reveals how to KILL buffalo brain so that you can get real LASTING results that stick.



Too busy to start a business? We created our own proprietary software just for introverts like you that have a busy life schedule! Just plug your ideas in and our tool will save your hours and "peacify" your life!


30 Day Roadmap

Worried you won't be able to stick to it? This bonus training will give you super simple steps to follow for 30 days after the challenge, so you will form the habits that will lead to success with this business.

here's everything you get...

When you join the Profit In Peace™ Challenge Today

  • 5 Days of LIVE Coaching To Unleash Your Introvert Advantage!

  • Find products that sell themselves, so you don't have to

  • Get your product ideas created hands-off

  • Launch your product without content or social media

  • Overcome procrastination with our 'Buffalo Brain' approach

  • Start your business with just 1 hour a day so you can have peace

  • Crush your anxiety by starting the business you were BORN to build!

  • Private community of likeminded ambitious introverts

  • Daily Action-Steps For Instant Results!

FREE BONUS Power Mover Mindset Course

FREE BONUS Peacify Software To Save You Time

FREE BONUS 30 Day Roadmap To Continue After The Challenge


Power Mover Mindset Course


Peacify Software To Save You Time


30 Day Action Plan To Continue After The Challenge

Actual Value: $2,544

Regular Price: $199

Today: Only $47

(while early bird pricing last)


LIVE 5-Day Virtual 'Profit In Peace™ Challenge' Event for ambitious introverts


July 22nd - 26th 2024

7am PT / 10am ET

60-90 minutes per day


So you can finally turn your introversion into an income-generating superpower…

"I'm Ready To Join, But Is There A Guarantee?"

Yes! Join Completely Risk-Free!

We're so confident you'll LOVE this challenge, we'll let you attend the entire 5-day event risk-free.

That means you can join the group, attend the live training, implement what you learn, and claim all the free bonuses...

When the challenge is over, if for any reason you are not satisfied we will refund you in full with no questions asked.

Just email your receipt to [email protected] up to 7 days after the challenge has ended.

Meet A Few Fellow Introverts

That Have Attended Our Past Challenges

Don't miss the boat...

"Why Do I Need This Right Now?"

Well you don't if you already love what you do, you feel like you're fulfilling your potential, and you have achieved control and peace in your life.

But if that's not 100% true then now is the time to take action. Reserve your spot before the doors close and come with an open mind ready to set sail for your new future.

This is not the time to overthink, as introverts we're often guilty of that... But when has "analysis paralysis" ever served you well?

It's time to learn how to use your introvert gifts to thrive instead of just trying to survive.

My Mission Is To Help Introverts Like Us Find Peace Around The World!

Hi, I'm JT Franco 👋

For most of my life I was ashamed to be an introvert. I saw it as a weakness for an ambitious person…

But then I realized that my “weaknesses” could be a strength when paired with the right strategy.

At 22 I had made my first million dollars with this strategy... But that didn’t give me peace.

In fact, it gave me a lot of stress.

So I devoted the past 5 years of my life to crafting a new peace-first strategy. It’s specifically designed for introverts like us, so we can live a truly fulfilling life!

It’s allowed me to travel stress-free with my family, to retire my parents, and to provide (my time, money, and energy) to everyone I care about.

During the 5 days we spend together, you'll learn this exact strategy so you can create real, lasting, Profit In Peace™.

Our team has over $75M in sales generated and managed with our systems, and as member, you will have all of our experience to support you!

We’ve helped over 2,187 introverts reach $5M+ in sales collectively within our community - just in the last 2 years!

Plus we have the largest community of ambitious introverts online (over half a million) to go through this journey with you!

I look forward to guiding you on your journey to INTROVERT FREEDOM!



Now, Meet Your New Family!

Just A Few More Ambitious Introverts

That Have Built Inside-Out Businesses

Karina is now a successful mentor and online coach!

William reached $100k per MONTH within 1 year with his first product!

Aria crossed the million dollar mark in his first year!

Still Got A Few Questions?

We've got you covered... Click any question below to reveal the answer

What Time Are The Live Sessions?

Each day of the challenge starts at 6:00am PT / 9:00am ET. All live sessions will run between 60-90 minutes. If you can't attend live, the sessions are also recorded and will be available inside the group.

What If I'm Not Available During The Live Session Times?

The live session recordings will be available inside the group for 7 days. At the end of the challenge the session recordings will be removed, so make sure you can attend live or watch the replays during the week of the challenge.

Is The Challenge Refundable?

Yes! you are covered by our "Peace of Mind Guarantee", so you can attend the entire 5-day event risk-free. That means you can join the group, attend the live training, implement what you learn, and claim all the free bonuses. When the challenge is over if for ANY reason you are not satisfied we will refund you in full with no questions asked. Just send an email to [email protected] up to 7 days after the challenge has ended.

Is the box set refundable?

No. Since the many of the exercises and content in the box cannot be returned and reused, we do not accept any refunds for the box set.

How Do I Attend The Live Session?

Once you sign up for the challenge you will be able to create your account for the private members area. All sessions are hosted inside this private area.

How Do I Access All The Free Bonuses?

Once you sign up for the challenge you will get immediate access to the "bonus hub" website. All bonuses and special training videos will be found there.

I'm Not In The USA, Will This Work For Me?

It certainly can. The business you set up will be 100% remote. Meaning you are not tied down to any location. We have ambitious introverts successfully selling in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, and more!

I'm No Computer-whiz, Can I Still Do This?

Everything is done in a step-by-step format and carefully crafted so it's easy to follow along. We'll send all the details to your email as soon you purchase. If you can use google, then this will be no problem.

How Much Money Do I Need To Start The Business?

Unlike the "get-rick-quick" clickbait businesses you see out there, this is a real business. So it does require some start-up capital, but not as much as you might think. No matter how much you have, we can help you find a way to get started. You'll be amazed at some of the stories you'll hear during the challenge of ambitious introverts who started small, then grew beyond their wildest imagination.

Now's The Time To Get Off The Sidelines And Get In The Game...

Join The Profit In Peace™ Challenge Today!

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